Helpful References

Valuation in Life Sciences: A Practical Guide

by Boris Bogdan and Ralph Villiger

This book served as my main guide and reference throughout the development process. It contains several example discount cash flow examples that gently walk the reader through the process. Many of the auto-filled valuation parameters come from this text.

Biotechnology Valuation: An Introductory Guide

by Karl Keegan

A fantastic introduction on valuation, biotech and general. A more gentle, easier read than Bogdan & Villiger. A great first book on the subject matter.

The Biotech Trader Handbook: A Fast, Simplified & Efficient Guide to Potentially Generate Outsized Returns in Biotech Using Options (for the non-scientist)

by T. Ayers Pelz

Though not directly related to discount cash flow, an incredibly informative book and the only of it's kind I have found. I am currently looking at ways to blend the info in this book into the existing valuation tools.